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Who is eligible for ProDemand/ShopKey Pro?
All subscribers to OnDemand5.com or ShopKey5.com are welcome to upgrade their subscription to ProDemand or ShopKey Pro.

How much does the upgrade to ProDemand/ShopKey Pro cost?
The upgrade is no additional cost to your subscription.

When I upgrade my subscription, will I still have access to OnDemand5.com/ShopKey5.com?
Yes, when you upgrade your subscription, you will have access to both products – either OnDemand5.com/ProDemand or ShopKey5.com/ShopKey Pro.

Will my subscription always include both products?
Until ProDemand/ShopKey Pro integrates with an estimating module, you will have access to both products. Once ProDemand/ShopKey Pro development is deemed complete, we'll begin to eliminate the OnDemand5.com/ShopKey5.com product codes from your subscription.

Once I upgrade my subscription, what happens?
The order is logged into our system. It may take a business day to process your order and update the subscription. Once the subscription has been updated, you will receive an email.

Will my invoice change?
Yes. Any line items on your invoice related to the old products, OnDemand5.com/ShopKey5.com will be replaced with a line item for the new product.

Do I need a new username/password?
No. Your existing repair product username/password works with ProDemand/ShopKey Pro.

If I have any subscription issues, who do I contact?
If you do not receive an email within a couple days of your request, please call our customer service center at (888) 724-6742.
How many users will this new product allow?
Up to 5 users per Account/License with the same username and password
What year range of vehicles is covered by ProDemand?
1983 to Present
What year range is covered within the Vintage Module?
1957 – 1982 
What if I can't find the information I am looking for in the product?
Click on our Customer Support link, then select Product Content Support link - http://www.mitchell1.com/forms/contactus.html
How can I provide usage comments to product management?
In the product, on the lower right side, is a Feedback button. Click on that link to submit your feedback. Enter what you were doing and what happened, we record the year-make-model automatically so users don't need to type that out.
How quickly does 2012 and 2013 info make it into the repair product?
Our stated goal is to get all the 2012 model year information completed and approved for product by the end of 2012. We prioritize the information processing on several criteria:
1. Is the information complete and accurate from the manufacturer?
2. How likely is it that our customer will see the vehicle in the shop (Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota would come before Lexus, BMW, Mercedes)?
3. What models get done first (Fleet models would come before high-line models)?
4. What type of information would the customer need for the vehicle (maintenance items come before diagnostic items)?
5. The Euro information is usually a year behind except for some maintenance items. [The reason for this is the European manufacturers do not provide complete vehicle coverage until the platform has been on the road for at least a year.]
What is the difference between a recall and a campaign?
A recall is an action taken by the Federal Government requiring a repair directly related to emissions or safety. A campaign is an action taken by the manufacturer that rectifies defects in production.
What if I have a Canadian model vehicle?
Using any vehicle selection, go to Service Manual module, select General Information/Identification. This will show you the Canadian Model Cross Reference Guide. Those vehicles also sold in the U.S. (counterpart with different name) will be listed.
What is the difference between Maintenance I and Maintenance II?
Maintenance I is the group of services that you are encouraged to have during your first maintenance visit, while Maintenance II is the group of services that are encouraged during your second visit. It is then recommended that you alternate between Maintenance I and Maintenance II for all subsequent visits. 
What is Warranty time in Estimator?
That is the time that the manufacturer has determined it would pay a technician to perform the procedure in a dealership. 
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thanks for the updated info and review....always learn something here or from Tim.PB
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