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Workstations Lose Connectivity Due to Sleep Mode

Symptoms: Customer reports after a period of inactivity on the Host PC, the workstations seem to lose connectivity. The ‘incorrect software version’ error for OD5 or SK5 desktop might occur, or the Manager program may give a ‘5356’ error. Network drives appear disconnected. In this particular case, the customer describes the Host PC seems to go into a ‘sleep mode’. This was a Windows7 computer, but it can also occur on other operating systems.
Programs affected: All multi-user desktop applications Mitchell1 or Shopkey.
Although there could be other causes, this article deals with one that seems to be occurring more frequently. The computer is going into a ‘power save’ or ‘sleep’ mode, which turns off the Network adapter.
1. Go into the Device Manager, ‘right click’ on the Network adapter and select ‘Properties’.
2. Select the ‘Power Management’ tab and uncheck the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” then click OK.
Now, the Host PC should be able to go into ‘sleep’ mode without disconnecting any of the workstations.
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