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Symptom: During the installation of OD5/SK5 Repair and Estimator; at the "Add Data" step, after inserting the floppy and hitting "next", the following error occurs:

Incorrect software version information or shared area not available. Terminating application. Pressing "OK" will terminate the installation.

If you reference the OnDemand error log you receive the following: "Unable to open security file".

Versions Affected:
OnDemand 5, Shopkey 5 Desktop Products (all versions). 


Solution 1:

Please always check to make sure the computer receiving the error has no disconnected mapped/network drives. Also, check that the computer is receiving no network error when trying to access a mapped/network drive.

This is quite often the most common cause of the problem.

Solution 2:

 Be certain the mapped drive used for installation is the same as specified in the program .ini file. Go to Start > Run and type either "OD5.ini" or "SK5.ini" (without the quotes) for Ondemand5 and Shopkey5 respectively. The shared path drive letter should match the existing mapped network drive. 

Solution 3:

This error message might also be a result of the installation key that the program creates in the Installshield Installation Information (hidden directory in Program Files) directory not having been properly installed.

OnDemand5 = 5F7DFDFA-27B3-4E06-BCDE-B371424C0032

Shopkey5 = 5F7DEDEA-27B3-4E06-BCDE-B371424C0032

The solution would be to uninstall & reinstall the entire OD5/SK5 program, which should already delete the install keys when done.

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