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Error Involving a .RRA Type File On a Workstation Install


When installing a WS copy of OD5/SK5 you receive the following error:

"X:\Mitchell1\Ondemand5\Shared\Workstation\Pvmac2d4.rra....Access Denied... Ox5 [File Error]."

There is no real .RRA file existing permanently in our software, but it might be a temporary file.

Affected Versions:

OnDemand 5, Shopkey 5 (all versions).


This is a permissions issue.

  1. From the WS open the mapped drive to the host, X:\Mitchell1\OnDemand5\Shared.
  2. Browse to the "shared" folder and create a new folder by going to "File>New Folder", type "test" - hit "enter".
  3. You will likely receive a "permission denied" message.

(XP, 2000) - Check the shared folder on the host, make sure "allow network users to change my files" box is checked, or change permissions as necessary. If "simple file sharing" is turned of then verify the "shared and security" tabs on the host must be set to full permissions.

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