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Details Of Top 25 Reports In Shop Mgmt

v     Accounts Receivable Aging DetailAccounting Report
Provides a detailed listing of all invoices with outstanding balances including any applied payments. Broken out by 30, 60 & 60+ day increments.  Sorted and totaled by customer.   

v     Accounts Receivable Aging SummaryAccounting Report

Provides a listing of all outstanding balances sorted and totaled by customer without the invoice and customer details provided in the Aging Detail report.  Broken out by 30, 60 & 60+ day increments.

Able to sort by Name, Company, Customer ID or All.

v     Balance Due StatementsAccounting Report 

Provides an itemization of unpaid invoices, with subtotals for Parts and Labor for each customer. Also provided is a summary of Past Due and Total Due.  Suitable for customer mailings.

v     Balance DueAccounting Report

Provides the Balance Due, Year to Date purchases, and Life Total purchases for each customer.  Typically used as a tool to determine who owes you money at any given time.

v     Posted OrdersAccounting Report

Provides detailed information on the components of cost (Parts, Labor, Tax, etc.) on orders that were posted during a specified time frame.  Note that any Sublet figures will be included in Labor and the Charge Sales figure is a historical item indicating amount charged at time of posting.   

v     Sales/Receipts SummaryAccounting Report

A summary of payments whether taken On Invoice, On Account or On Deposit.  Report includes Posted Order Sales of Parts, Cores, Labor, Sublet Items, Shop Supplies, Hazardous Materials and taxable items.

Note that the Totals are based on all invoices posted during selected time range and is NOT an overall summary of your shop’s outstanding balances due.

v     Cash ReceiptAccounting Report

Describes "cash" (cash, check, or bank card charge) payments during a specified time period. Receipts are totaled by Invoice, Account, and Deposit.

v     Cash Receipt By Payment TypeAccounting Report

Provides the same information as the Cash Receipt report with payments broken down by category or payment method.

v     Business Summary ReportManagement Report

Provides a single, concise report of key performance indicators for your shop including Gross Sales, Average $ per R.O., Total R.O.’s, Parts & Labor Sales, Parts/Labor Ratio and Technicians Labor to Gross Sales Ratio. This report is often used to determine the efficiency of a shop’s service technicians.  Are they billing accurately.  Also a nice report to quickly see the dollars being billed out versus being taken in over a specified time period.

v     Revenue By GL CodeAccounting Report

      Provides a detailed breakdown of all sales revenue by sales  revenue by assigned account classes and GL Codes. Note that account classes and GL Codes are part of shop setup.      

      If not setup most figures will be displayed as “Unassigned”.

v     Shop Data ReportManagement Report

Provides a listing of the current shop setup profile.

v     Tax Paid on PO’sAccounting Report

Provides an itemized listing of taxable Purchase Orders.  Including P.O. Number, P.O. Date, Vendor, Order Amount, Tax Amount and Total are included.

v     Tech CommissionAccounting Report

Provides a listing of all commission details with totals for one or all technicians.  Report includes invoice detail.

v    Tech Commission w/Billed HoursAccounting Report

Provides a listing of all commission details with totals for one or all technicians. Report includes billed hours for each Invoice line.

v    Tech Commission w/YMMAccounting Report

Provides a listing of all commission details with totals for one or all technicians including the vehicle information. Report includes invoice detail.

v     Tech Commission SummaryAccounting Report

Commission Totals for One or All Technicians (Invoice Detail NOT Included, Parts & Labor Only)

v     Tech ProductivityAccounting Report

A comparison of Charged hours vs. Actual and Paid hours to compute Productivity and Efficiency percentages.

v     Tech RatesAccounting Report

A listing of Technician labor rates and commissions on parts, labor, and sublets.

v     Invoice Profit SummaryAccounting Report

Total profitability of business based on invoices.  Note the commission figures are included in the Cost.

v     Current InventoryInventory Report

Provides a listing of all active and inactive parts in your inventory.  Report includes On Hand Qty, Cost and Pricing figures.

v     On Hand Inventory ValueInventory Report

Provides a listing of On-Hand inventory broken down by Category with Sub-Totals.  Also provides a Total Value of all current On-Hand inventory. 

v     Incomplete Inventory ItemsInventory Report

Provides a listing of all missing inventory items broken down by Category, Vendor or other data. Supports user file maintenance to have complete part records. 

 v     Materials Used SummaryManagement Report

Provides the quantity and profitability of each Part List item used whether an inventory or non-inventory item.

v     Discount SummaryAccounting Report

Provides a listing of all discounts that have been applied to orders with coupons or manually from the Options menu.

v     Late Fee Assessment Accounting Report

Provides a listing of all Late Fees assessed during a selected time frame (typically per monthly assessment period).

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