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NAPA: Wrong vehicle definition

When a user is in an RO or Invoice (not estimate), if he navigates into the NAPA catalog, upon return we record the vehicle description used during that last catalog session.  If the user then changes the vehicle description within our software, a subsequent trip into NAPA uses the previously stored NAPA definition. We store this information in the management database so that 80% of return trips into NAPA requires less qualifier questions to be prompted. Again, 80% of the time this works great...  but when the user changes the vehicle on an open order, the system can be out of sync depending on the state of that order; is it an estimate, RO, or Invoice.

Fortunately,  the fix is easy. In the vehicle screen of the management software, there is a button in the bottom left of the screen labeled �Detail�, simply click on that button, then select the button in the Vehicle Detail Screen that is labeled �Clear Catalog Data�. A return trip into the NAPA catalog will now use the newly specified vehicle.
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