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Enable Integration to use OnDemand5.com or ShopKey5.com

Web Integration Instructions

Your Management program now includes the option to integrate to OnDemand5.com or ShopKey5.com if you are already a subscriber.

During the Quarterly Update (08-2) you will be prompted to install Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 to activate the interface if not already present. Select YES at this point if you want to integrate to the new web interface. After the upgrade disc is finished you will need to “Turn On” the Web interface inside the manager application as follows:

  1. To start, be on the 'Home Screen' (splash) in the program. If in 'Work In Progress' Screen, click on 'WIP’ or 'In Progress' icon to switch to the 'Home Screen'.
  2. Click on 'Setup' menu and then select 'Special Maintenance', then 'Select Ref Source'. [if dimmed you are not on 'Home screen']
  3. A new selection is now available for either 'Local' or 'Web Source'; select 'Web' and click 'OK'. Do not select “Use Alternate…”

NOTE: You must have an ondemand5.com or Shopkey5.com subscription in place PRIOR to making this changeover.

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