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IMPORTANT Version 7.2 Update Note

Dear Shop Management User,

We are pleased to announce we will begin distribution of our next major version update available soon.

From time to time, it is also necessary to perform an upgrade to our SQL database engine. That will be true of this particular shop management update. This means that this specific update process will take longer than your typical management software patch.

On average, you can expect the update on your host machine to take approximately 20 minutes longer than usual. 

Please note this and plan accordingly when confirming to install the update. NOTE: Any additional workstation updates should take no longer than you’ve been accustomed to.

This update is the culmination of several months of work and incorporates a number of changes and user-requested process improvements.

Here are the changes for this release:

  • Inventory Attached Item: When attached items to inventory records, an updated search allows finding those parts easily, user can edit existing attached part lines, and adjust quantity.
  • Change of Vehicle Ownership: Implemented a simplified process; software now includes toolbar icon and a wizard to walk the user through steps
  • FirstCall catalog: Updated version installed, catalog will now warn user when there are no parts to transfer
  • Check for Updates: Function now checks if you are on the latest version when requested by user, and if not will prompt to proceed with update
  • Credit Card Processing:
    • First Mile users can now start credit applications for supported fleet cards from the payment window
    • Electronically captured signatures can be printed directly on the Invoice for First Mile users
  • Purchase Order: Comment Line within Purchase Orders will now remember the choice of 'Internal Notes' or 'Note to be included with PO'
  • Kilometers: Manager can now be configured to treat odometer values as Kilometers. When launching Maintenance, Kilometers will also be used. Kilometer setting in Setup / Screen View
  • NAPA ProLink US Catalog: Catalog updated to enable message input after Price Check
  • New Spell Checker: 
    • Underlines incorrectly spelled words
    • Right click on misspelled words to open a context menu that contains the correct spelling
    • Dictionary includes common auto/repair terminology.
    • Spell Check to Include Uppercase and add custom words
  • Promo Package: Now display price with two decimal places, not four
  • Invoicing: 
    • Standard invoice template updated to move work completed and reference number to the top of the page. Customer account number printed right of customer name now in smaller non-bold font.
    • Wisconsin invoice updated to include XCharge receipt option. moving completed and reference to top.
    • Florida invoiced renamed to be more consistent with other template names
    • Email template can now be customized for Estimates, ROs and Invoices.
  • Scheduler:
    • Schedule Window now includes a Help button on each screen
    • Built-in Appointment State colors are now editable
    • Appointment editor to alert when 'seeing' recommendations
    • The Source of the invoice is now maintained in schedule, WIP and order
    • Scheduler will now remember what the user Resources/Technicians selected to Show/Hide while in the schedule screen
    • Option to automatically add Repair Orders to the Schedule
    • Category can once again be set for an Appointment
  • Database Engine:
    • Manager database automatically updated to SQL 2014
    • Maintenance routine to prevent performance degradation
  • Sublet: Sublet/Labor within Canned Jobs now include individual options for each tax
  • WIP:
    • User may now sort and retain sorting order by Promised, Time In, Completed, and Drop Off
    • Vehicle Recall information readily visible
  • Issues fixed:
    • Ability to Post from WIP restored
    • Remarks field on Customer tab once again honors carriage returns
    • Scrolling issue on Work Performed field fixed
    • Rare instances of 'Object in Use' when accessing Schedule resolved
    • Memory usage from catalogs reduced
    • Custom Y/M/M entries no longer produce an error when entering Recommendations or Revisions
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Driver and phone information visible from Order tab
    • History menu item added for improved navigation
    • Report engine updated 

Periodic updates increase the value, efficiency and performance of your shop management software. We appreciate your business and your patience.

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