7.2 Update Notification

Dear Shop Management User,

Mitchell1 is proud to announce a pilot program with Fiat-Chrysler America for Active Recall notification!
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Our active recalls program with Toyota Motor Co. (Toyota, Lexus & Scion) is now expanding to also include FCA (Fiat, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge, Jeep, etc.) vehicles. This feature notifies Manager SE users when a (VIN decoded) vehicle has any active (unperformed) recalls. Use this to impress your customers, boosting their confidence with your shop as their preferred service provider.

Starting with Manager SE 7.2.x, your system will be enabled to “light up” the Open Recalls button on the Order screen in RED when you have a valid 17 digit VIN decoded for the makes listed above

Please click on Open Recalls often and share this important safety information with your customers!