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It’s critical to your business to have good Internet visibility, because consumers no longer use the Yellow Pages to find an automotive repair shop. Since search engines such as Google are constantly scouring the Internet to determine if your business is worthy of the consumer’s attention, it’s crucial to have a strategy to put your business front-and-center when consumers do Internet searches. By working with our Mitchell 1 SocialCRM team we’ll prioritize those search criteria that give your business the best bang for the buck.


Review quality, quantity and velocity signals to search engines that actual consumers are actively discussing and generating links to your business. SocialCRM monitors transactions from your shop management software, automatically soliciting reviews and verifying that the customer’s transaction actually took place.

Review Syndication

Build and amplify positive word-of-mouth by through social sharing — “syndication” — of your customers’ reviews. The SocialCRM Review syndication service makes it easy for consumers to easily share their positive feedback about their auto repair across their social networks. And built-in reporting makes it easy for you to track your customers’ sharing activity and monitor and manage your shop’s online reputation. Amplify each consumer review across the Internet.

Reequest Appointment Button Appointment Request Button

SocialCRM automatically populates your customers’ contact and vehicle information when they click on the Request Appointment link in your emails. They simply have to add the reason for the visit and send it by selecting “Request Appointment.” You receive an email alert whenever a customer submits an Appointment Request so you can streamline scheduling and avoid same-day appointment requests. You can also add the appointment request button on your shop’s website, making it quick and easy for existing and prospective customers to connect with you wherever they happen to be looking at your website.

Claiming Your Google+ Local Page and Google Reviews

We’ll show you how to claim your Google+ Local listing, a simple way to raise your visibility with Google, and help you drive additional Google Reviews from only those customers with a positive experience with your business.