Postcards Keep You Connected

Because it’s not usually possible to get an email address for all your customers, the only way to reach your entire customer base is with a combination of email and postcard service reminders. We’ll work hard save you the cost of sending postcards by automatically finding emails for your customers, but the reality is that you’re still likely to need postcards to reach your entire customer base.

Large Format Postcards

Your message and shop’s special brand of service will get the visibility needed to make the right consumer impression with our jumbo postcards.

Shop Information
Shop Information, Logo and More

We’ll personalize your communications with information such as your shop hours, professional affiliations, payment methods, and your personal signature – just to name a few.

custom coupons
Custom Coupons and Graphics

By combining our large postcard format and professionally created graphics, you’ll be presenting your message for maximum impact.

Personalized Customer Message

We create the type of personalized communication that will ensure that your message will never be perceived as junk mail. And by providing the right message at just the right time you’ll be communicating like a pro and bringing your customers back to your business sooner and more frequently.

service recommendations
Service Recommendations and Scheduled Maintenance Intervals

By having an expert’s understanding of your shop management database, we take full advantage of the data you enter every day. We pick the precise next service date by using the vehicle mileage and mileage driven per day to project when the next OEM scheduled service will be due.

target market promotions
Target Market Promotion Postcards

Target Market Postcards are perfect if you want to make a special announcement or offer a special promotion. We can sort your existing customer list or purchase a list to solicit new customers for your business. We can also combine Target Market postcards and emails to provide the most comprehensive, cost effective solution with the highest response rate.