Mitchell 1 Maintenance Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is a big part of your business and ProDemand makes it easier than ever to make it profitable. You choose how maintenance is displayed: mileage, time interval, or indicator-based. ProDemand shows all tasks relevant to your vehicle only, and allows you to build a task list of maintenance items including description, location, diagrams, procedures, and specifications.

OEM Manitenace Schedules

Mileage/Timed Intervals + Dash Indicators

You chose how maintenance tasks are displayed, ensuring that no tasks are missed and no profit opportunities lost. You can choose to show only maintenance tasks for your vehicle’s entered mileage. You’ll also keep your customers happy by demonstrating complete knowledge of their vehicle’s unique maintenance needs.

Life Time Services

Lifetime Services

Lifetime Services displays the complete OEM-recommended service table for your vehicle, including Levels I and II and Normal and Severe services. Procedures and Specifications for each task are embedded in the tabs for quick, one-click access.

OEM Fluid capacities

Fluid Specs

With ProDemand, maintenance tasks and their required fluid specifications are never more than a click away. From any place within Maintenance, clicking the Specs tab shows all fluid types, including capacities.