Mitchell 1 Diagnostics Information Codes

Diagnostics just got a whole lot faster and easier with ProDemand. Start typing a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and ProDemand returns a list of likely codes. But the time-saving is just beginning – hover over your code from the list and ProDemand gives you immediate access to Descriptions, Procedures, and Diagrams.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Search

Search DTCs

Start typing and ProDemand displays a list of likely DTCs. You don’t even have to click again – simply move your mouse to the DTC in the list and a submenu appears with Descriptions, Procedures, and Diagrams.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

All In One Place

You have access to everything you need to diagnose using DTCs – tabs for code descriptions, testing procedures, component and wiring diagrams – all filtered for your selected vehicle.

Daignostic Procedures Instructions

Trouble Shooting Procedures

Jump directly from DTC to troubleshooting procedures – featuring full testing procedures, diagnostic aids, tools required, and repair procedures.