Parts Ordering

Manager SE

Parts Ordering

Electronic parts ordering is essential to a smooth and efficient shop workflow, and Manager SE makes it easier than ever before. Fully integrated into the estimating process, you can choose from multiple catalogs and vendors, and apply your own markups.

Integrated Catalogs

They’re all here – the major parts catalogs are just a click away inside Manager SE. Choose your vendor and see their parts presented onscreen. Choose your parts and they’re automatically added to your estimates and ROs, including markups that you specify.

Purchase Orders

When you order your parts electronically through Manager SE, a purchase order is generated automatically, creating a trackable record of all your ordered parts. Use this record to control parts-related expenses and monitor trends.

Markup Matrix

A completely customizable Markup Matrix means that markups are entirely up to you, and can be as progressive as you want. Now you can make more profit on those inexpensive but hard-to-manage parts like clamps, fasteners and fluids.