Service Writing

Manager SE

Service Writing

Effective and profitable service writing can make or break your repair business – and Manager SE gives you all of the tools you need to get the most out of your customer interactions and service writing. It’s the perfect companion to your shop management workflow.


Customer Snapshot

See your customer’s history with your shop in one window – lifetime dollars spent, number of invoices, invoice average, credit status, and more. You’ll know when a customer deserves extra attention and how to prioritize vehicles in your shop. You’ll also see all of a customer’s vehicles listed by year/make/model and license, body color, and other attributes, with recommendations for each in a fully sortable and searchable view.

Vehicle Recommendations

Vehicle Recommendations are a big profit center for your shop. For instance, need to know if it’s better to replace a past-due timing belt or a water pump? These recommendations are attached to each vehicle and Manager SE automatically alerts you to mention them to your customer when the vehicle is looked up. Better yet, if you are a SocialCRM customer, these recommendations can automatically be turned into emails and postcards to your customers.

Multi-Point Inspection

Enhance your customers’ experience by automating notifications to them about the most common wear, maintenance and safety items. With the addition of ProPack , our integrated customer communication toolbox, will help you keep your customers informed about upcoming service recommendations.

Symptom Wizard

An extensive symptom and diagnostic task database means you go from symptoms described by your customer to work order in one click. Common symptoms and recommended procedures can be added to your work order, giving your techs have a head start in diagnosing the problem.

VIN Decoding

Stop looking underhood for dirty labels, or guessing through a visual inspection to determine a vehicle’s configuration. Our VIN decoder returns the exact OEM vehicle configuration and ensures that you’ve got the right repair procedures and you’re ordering the right parts the first time.


Build accurate, dependable, and profitable estimates easily, each and every time with the confidence that only Mitchell 1’s decades of parts and labor knowledge can deliver. Manager SE is integrated with ProDemand’s maintenance schedules, TSBs, recalls, tracking, and industry-leading labor guides, so you can easily add parts and labor to your estimates and work orders.

Part Sourcing

We’ve got all of the parts catalogs you need — 20 catalogs, and more to come — just a click away in Manager SE. Check warehouse inventory and order parts with up-to-the-minute pricing. If a catalog has a picture of the part, Manager SE will show it you, so you know that you’re ordering the exact part you need.

ProDemand Integration

Manager SE is seamlessly integrated with ProDemand, so you can streamline your estimating process with instant access to:

Parts Information

World-class repair information from ProDemand is linked directly to Manager SE. Want to give your techs a hand in diagnosing and repairing a vehicle? Simply click the Repair button and look up the relevant information, then attach the information to the technician worksheet TSBs, maintenance, and parts and labor information.


Vehicle maintenance has a big impact on your bottom line. Manager SE makes it easy to save your customers time and money, while growing your business. Quick access to OEM maintenance schedules means you’ll always be able to include time-saving, profit-enhancing procedures to your estimates.

Part/Labor Estimating

Up-to-date and time-tested parts and labor information is just a click away from anywhere within Manager SE. Build accurate and dependable estimates with the confidence that only Mitchell 1’s decades of labor operations knowledge can deliver.

Technical Service Bulletins

Technical Service Bulletins can save you time and money, but only if you see them. Manager SE gives you instant access to TSBs, adding them to a repair order for quick technician reference. Just click the relevant bulletin and it’s added to the information your tech needs to see.

Vehicle History

See the history of each vehicle in your shop. You’ll know what repairs have been done, when they were done, what they cost, and more importantly, what needs to be done to bring the vehicle current with recommendations, maintenance schedules, TSBs, and overdue repairs.