Repair Order Management

Manager SE

Repair Order Management

Manager SE gives you complete control over every aspect of your repair order workflow. From tracking referrals to recommended RO revisions, parts ordering, tech worksheets and job scheduling, you can save time while boosting efficiency and profits.


Marketing Source

Knowing how your customers found you is critical to effective marketing. Manager SE makes it easy to monitor the success of your marketing efforts by tracking the initial source of the customer visit, as well as sales tied to current ads, postcards, emails and other sources. You can even track which customers are referring others to you, and how much those customers are spending.

Part Ordering

We’ve got all of the parts catalogs you need — 20 catalogs, and more to come — just a click away in Manager SE. Check warehouse inventory and order parts with up-to-the-minute pricing. If a catalog has a picture of the part, Manager SE will show it you, giving you confidence that you’re ordering the exact part you need. Purchase orders are automatically created and easily accessible for each order.


Your techs are profit centers – if you can capture what they find when they’re servicing a vehicle. Manager SE makes it easy to add revisions to repair orders, so that you can call a customer to suggest a part replacement and have a revised estimate ready to discuss (up to nine revisions can be stored).

Technician Assignment/Worksheet

Give your techs everything they need to move a vehicle through the shop in one printout. Labor descriptions and times, parts required, and mileage/last visit, all in a handy checklist format that comes back to the service advisor to help your QC. There’s even room for the tech’s notes, so that his observations of the vehicle can get entered into Manager SE for future recommendations.


Manager SE includes a Work in Progress schedule of jobs in your shop, shown by day and month in a list or calendar view. Each vehicle is logged with a scheduled begin date and time, and promised date and time, giving you the vision to see all of your vehicles and avoid bottlenecks.

Credit Card Processing

Save time and increase security by processing credit and debit card payments directly from Manager SE. Reduce manual paperwork so your employees can work more efficiently and effectively. By using a single integrated system, you’ll also speed up the payment process for customers, increase accuracy, and reduce your electronic payment costs. Plus, partial payments are now supported through Manager SE.