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Swap Personalized Plate To Customer’s Diff Car

How Do I Swap A Customer’s Personalized Plate To Their 2nd Car? (NOTE; Both Vehicles are in History file)

Assuming that both vehicles will remain on file:

Need to call up the 1st vehicle that has the desired plate, then:

1) Go to Utilities, Customer Screen

2) Click on Name and select the owner of the car(s)

3) Highlight car with plate, go to the Vehicle screen

4) Hightlight the license characters with mouse

5) Use Ctrl + X to remove them (saves a copy)

6) Click Exit; program displays “Are you deleting this vehicle’s license?”

7) Answer YES

8) Now select the vehicle that is going to receive the license plate
Click (or Tab) to get curser blinking in the License field

9) Press Ctrl + V to paste license plate characters into License

10) Click Exit; program displays “Save Changes to Vehicle Information?”

11) Answer YES

Transplant is complete.

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