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Try Connecting on Workstation Agent

Workstation Unable to Update – Updater Log Shows Try Connecting


 Workstation updater sync log shows “Try Connecting” and won’t download updates from host.



Did you check the event viewer?

Launch the event viewer (Start – Run – eventvwr). Double click Applications and Services Logs. Click Mitchell1. Look for a recent line that shows the Level as Error (there will be an icon with a red circle that has a white exclamation point in its center). The error event should give you an indication of what is wrong.

Does SE open on the Workstation?

This writes the connection string in the SE config file ShopStreamXt.config. The Updater uses the SE config file connection string to know the location of the host updater on the network. When SE launches it looks at the ShopStreamXt.config file in C:\ProgramData\M1-SK\ShopStreamXt to see if there is a connection string, if there isn’t one it will search the network for a SHOPSTREAM SQL instance, if the Host is reachable it will then write a connection string in ShopStreamXt.config pointing to the host. You can manually perform this process using the 1308 / 1401 Mitchell1 Tech Support Utility Tool (the 1308 version is for SE 6.5.20 and older, make sure to use the 1401 version for SE installs newer than 6.5.20).

Is the Updater Running on the Host Machine? Did you restart the FilesystemMonitorService and M1-SK Updater on the Host?

Check the host to see if the updater is currently running. Try restarting it by right clicking on the Updater and selecting restart. If you can’t or that didn’t fix the issue close the Updater on the Host machine, open services.msc and restart the FileSystemMonitorService. Re-open the updater. You can also accomplish this by restarting the Host computer.

Have you temporarily disabled any firewalls on the host and workstation?

Windows Firewall and third party firewall products can block communication. It is possible to test this from the affected computer by navigating to m1files.com. Go to the Manager SE support page (http://www.m1faqs.com/fix/SE/index.htm) and then download and run the Port Scan Utility there (line 17, Rsq -line number subject to change). Make sure to set FQDN to the name of the host, select ‘Manually input query ports’ and query port 8081 TCP. If the tool reports that port 8081 is filtered or blocked chances are good that a firewall is interfering. You can check the windows firewall status in control panel; if it says “These settings are managed by McAfee Security.” You would know to look for McAfee Security and have the customer disable its firewall.

The following firewall ports need to be open in order for Manager and its Updater agent to work on the host machine. Please note Mitchell1 does not assist with third party firewall setup. 

For SQL: TCP 1433 and UDP 1434

For the Updater: TCP ports 8001, 8002, 8006, 8010, 8080, 8081, 8085, and 8091

Has the connection type been set to public instead of work?

Open Control panel. Click Network and Internet.  Open View Network Status and Tasks. Under the view your active networks heading, on the left hand side you will you will see the network name and network type. If it says Public network you will need to click that text and then select Work network.



Workstation sync log should state “Connected to host server!” followed by “There’s updates available from host server!”


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Comments (4) Comments
Comment by Chad on Wed, Oct 7th, 2015 at 10:30 AM
What ports does Mitchell 1 use so I can update the firewall policies?
Comment by Mitchell1 Support on Fri, Oct 9th, 2015 at 11:24 AM
Port information has been added.
Comment by Erik on Wed, Jun 29th, 2016 at 3:01 PM
can you please provide a link to these Mitchell1 Tech Support Utility Tools
Comment by Mitchell1 Support on Thu, Jul 7th, 2016 at 11:03 AM
Article Updated to include support page link.
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