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How to Export Data (Envelope icon)

These are instructions to add export data functionality to the Print Preview screen; installation of select files will activate the 'envelope' icon. This allows you to “print” this rendered data to a file format on disk, Excel spreadsheet, etc. 

Browse down to the file attachment and open/save that for complete steps.

NOTE: Instructions updated for MS Vista/Windows 7.0 64 bit operating systems in the path options below.

When CRPE32.dll files are installed properly (C:\windows\system32 or C:\windows\syswow64), the decisions will then be:

1) Output file type (CVS, etc)
2) Destination (where to write it to)

With those files copied in, you should be able to build a customer list, followup list, etc, and when the envelope is clicked and opens, a dialog asking type of output (Excel, etc) AND then the destination (file, email client, etc). Make sure the file location selected is where it can easily be found later.

When you do have them in place, this box [below] appears when the envelope icon is clicked in your shop management Print Preview window:


NOTE: If clicking the envelope does nothing, the CRPE32.dll files copied from install CD are not in the right path. Copy the FILES *in* the folder, NOT the folder itself as that alters the expected path. The envelope still appears inactive because it can't "see" the CRPE32 files *exactly* where they were expected to be. Compare the paths below and correct it to get the desire functionality:

C:\Windows\System32 = correct

C:\Windows\System32\CRPE32 = incorrect

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