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1006 or 3006 error due to SOMTS failing to run at startup on Windows XP

Symptom: On some Windows XP computers, SOMTS service fails to startup at boot, resulting in an error 1006 for OD5 or 3006 for SK5.


Versions affected:


Solution:         Available as a download from www.managerfiles.comCurrently item 35 (10/17/11)



Manual Creation:           

    Open Notepad and type "net start somts” – without the quotes

    Name file as "somts.bat” – without the quotes

                Set Save As Type to "All Files”

                Save file in new folder on the C: drive named "somts” – without the quotes

    Right click "somts.bat” file and choose "Create Shortcut”

                Right click newly created shortcut and select "Cut” in menu

                Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Startup and Right click Startup and select "Open”

                In the Startup folder, Right click and select "Paste”


                Upon restart, client should see command window starting SOMTS service and should prevent further 1006 errors related to the service not running.

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