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Quote Default SETTINGS - Country (parts price display) does not save the Canada option


Under the ‘setup' link, selecting the‘Quote Default Settings', the section for Country (parts price display) does notsave changes after selecting Canada. Once selecting Canada and clicking the OK button, you find the selectionis stillUnited States andyou may seeduplication ofthe drop down options, where you see United States and Canada both listed twice and should only be listed once for each.

Product: OnDemand5.com & ShopKey5.com.


First make sure theOK button is selected after making any changes, surprisingly simple, but can be missed. Check the WebAdminTool under the Product Specific Options section, the OD/SK/TT Web Options to ensure the user settings persistence is set to Settings Persist. If the problem still exists, then reset account in the WebAdminTool by selecting Expire All Sessions, Expire All Machines and Send Welcome Email. This should resolve the issue.

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