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Merge Inventory Master Record


How to determine which Inventory record will be the Master when using the Merge Inventory option.


OnDemand ManagerPlus SU/MU, SK5 Managerment v5.8.x


The "Last Sold" record and the Stk No fields must be considered when determining the Master Record.

The Stk No determines which was in the database first. The lower Stk number would be the older record.

Theolder record will be the Master if theolder record has"Last Sold" populated and the newer record doesNOT have the "Last Sold" populated.

If any of the following are true than the newer record will be the Master:

If both records have "Last Sold" populated

Ifboth records do not have "Last Sold" populated

If the original record does not have "Last Sold"populated and the new record does have "Last Sold"populated

5.7.A.8ACDelco ManagerPlusalso behaves the same way.

Also some Developer Notes on what records are updated:

In reviewing the Merge Inventory option for ManagerPlus V5.8, I found there is no place where we describe what fields are actually being merged. I assume your people will need to know.

When we merge two parts with the same part number, the values for the following fields are accumulated into the values in the ‘Master' record: Total Cost, On Hand, On Order, Committed, Core Quantity, Month-to-Date Quantity, Month-to-date Sales, Year-to-date Quantity, Year-to-date Sales, and the Monthly quantity for 12 months.

In addition, any parts on open orders or open purchase orders are updated with the new line code.

There are a number of fields that are not affected. This was done with the assumption that the ‘Master' record, which was created more recently, has correct values.

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