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Carquest or First Call Online (FCO) catalog in 5.9 crashing application

Symptom: Attempting to setup a Carquest Weblink 2 vendor link crashes program.

Versions Affected: 5.9.143 + and higher


The Carquest Weblink II catalog requires a system to run .NET framework 3.5. The installer will be included on the disk, but will not run automatically.

For Windows 7 users, there obviously should be no need of action to get the catalog working. For XP and Vista they will need to install the .NET if not already up to that version. It also means Windows 2000, ME, and 98 users will not be able to use the catalog, since they cannot use this version of .NET. That is also the reason the .NET install will not autorun.

However, due to the nature of Windows 7, it is not uncommon for the .dll registration to fail. In this event, manual registration will be needed.

1. Run a patch on m1files.com on line #31 (CatPatch_For_Dot_Net) that will register the dll automatically.

2. If the patch is unavailable, navigate in a Command Prompt to the Series(x) directory or series(x)\program for multiuser installations, then type:

Regasm itg2carquest.dll /u


Regasm itg2carquest.dll /tlb

For First Call Online:

Substitute fconlinecatalog.dll and fcocatalog.dll in place of the itg2carquest.dll above. 


It is not uncommon to see errors on the registration part of the process.


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