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How to Download & Run 5.9 Shop Mgmt Update

News: 5.9.x Shop Management Update Discs shipping frequency changed. In an effort to avoid price increases and eliminate thousands of CDs in landfills, you will now receive the "Management System Update” disc twice a year. As usual, that disc automatically updates the software to include the latest enhancements and current Year Make Model listings.

      * Update discs sent twice yearly reset the software time-out, update the Year/Make/Model listing and includes program and report updates.

      * Interim updates of Year/Make/Model listings, Application and Reports will also available via download from



      * Software Time-out has been extended to 6 months.

      * Update news will be announced in the quarterly ‘Gazette’ newsletter.

    * Management forum now includes a public section titled: ‘Program Updates for 5.9’ to make finding these updates easy.

1. Click on the 5.9 Update file link. It's usually line 31.  

2. Click on Save to copy to your PC (desktop)

NOTE: Please EXIT Manager 5.9 PRIOR to running this update.
This update needs to be run on each workstation in a multi-user setup!

3. Double-click the icon to start the update process and follow the prompts.

4. Click on Run to proceed.

5. Click on OK to proceed.

Win Zip screen displays as update process begins.

6. Click on Next to continue.

Copying progress screen displays.

7. Click on Finish to close the install update screen.

Entire process should take about one minute or less depending on your PC.

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