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Back-up Mgmt System Files To USB Drive


How to back-up your management system files to a USB Drive.

1. Insert USB drive in computer and determine which drive letter has been assigned to that device.

To determine which Drive letter has been assigned to the USB drive open My Computer from the Start menu and look for the Flash Drive, it will have a drive letter after it. In the example below the Flash Drive (or Disc) is drive G:

2.Open your Management Software and click on the 'Setup' button

Note: Your menu bar may appear differently but all versions will have a 'Setup' button.

3.When the Setup screen opens, click on 'Default Settings', place a Check in the option next to 'At Program Exit' and set the backup 'Location' to G: (or the drive letter your computer assigned to the Flash Drive).

You system will now automatically backup your critical files when the program is exited. Remember to rotate Flash Drives, use one drive for Odd days and another for Even days.

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