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Creating a Prior Balance For Customer

Shop Mgmt Software requires internally generated Invoices for the bulk of accounting reporting.

NOTE: You can click on Options at bottom of Order screen and un-check Shop Supplies and/or HazMat charges. Then they won’t be added in addition to the amount recorded on the invoice.

Here are the steps to add the necessary components :

  1. Create a new Category called Prior Balance
  2. Create a new Account Class called Prior Balance
  3. Create a “part#” called PB, “previous balance” in Description; use the Prior Balance category and Prior Balance account class created above.
  4. Enter cost/sale as $1.00 or similar; save the “part#” record. You can use this to add the item to the invoice…
  5. Start an Invoice, select the customer and go to Order screen
  6. Open Parts (alt+P) and type PB; press the Tab key to fill details, then click Done to copy onto the order.
  7. Double click on the “part” and change the amount to what you need, then Done to return to the order.
  8. Go to the Customer screen and select Update Customer; if you had entered a previous amount in there, adjust it to zero so it will be correct when this invoice is posted.
  9.  If SS charges are enabled for parts (as we recommend) you’ll still need to use Order Options to remove those charges, then post it.
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