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Create a User in SE 6.x

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Screen preferences (column locations + width) are stored to a User name. Whether users migrate from legacy 5.9.x software or start with SE 6.x as a new program, it is important to know how to create at least one User name to record preferences to. UPDATE: A new video is being added soon - the script is displayed below:

The User icon provides access to select user profiles along with their saved system preferences, including screen columns layout and data displayed on Work In Progress screen. Any changes screen settings changed while a User profile is selected will be saved to that profile for future use when selected.

To add a User profile, click on the Configurations menu and select Program Security. Click on Add, then enter a User Name and Password and click OK to save this record. The new entry now displays in the User window. Click on ‘Done’ to return to the WIP screen. (Program Security will be discussed in another clip)

Now click on Users to open the list and see the new entry is now available for selection. Highlight it and click OK; your new user profile name displays in the lower RH corner. Any changes made to screen view settings will be saved as part of the selected user's profile. The following screen view settings are controlled by the user:

Display for WIP Grid – for sizing and placement of columns; Display Filter - Types of orders displayed in WIP; Display for Order Grid – for sizing and placement of columns in the Order grid which is also used for the Revisions screen. Last 10 Orders – under File menu will list last 10 orders that each user profile worked on; Schedule - Program “remembers” screen position and size of the schedule per selected user; Inventory List Sort Order - sorted by Part Number or Description that the List is initially sorted by. This makes it possible to save customized screen views for each user. Even better, your preferred screen views can later be selected from any workstation in your networked shop. Just click User and select your profile. It can also be trained to remember your Service Advisor preference. We’ll look at that in another video clip.”


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