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User List Name Stores Screen Preferences

To ensure that any changes you make to the column width(s) or display order on the Work-In-Progress or Order screens are saved, make sure that there is at least one name in User List. (If program displays DEFAULT USER in the lower RH corner, your changes are not stored)

LINK: How to adjust columns - http://m1faqs.com/knowledgemanager/questions.php?questionid=113

Follow these simple steps to enter a name and save your screen preferences:

Configurations -> Program Security:

Add/edit/delete usernames from this window.  Click add, enter a username and password.

Click done on the program security window.  Next, click on Users pictured below and click on the username created in program security and click OK.

The result is that the name entered will now display in the lower RH corner of screen. All changes that you make will belong to that name. Other names can be added to store screen preferences, types of records displayed and more.

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