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Email Balance Due Statements

The pdffactory program can also be used to email Balance Due Statements to customers. The settings are a bit different so follow these steps:

1) Select Balance Due Statements as your document
2) Change the output selector to Report to Printer
3) Select pdffactory from the Printer drop-list
4) Click on Print.
5) Select All to generate the Balance Due statements 

A preview displays the first of the statments for user processing. (use the scrollbar to select other customer statements)

6) Click on Send in preview window to launch Outlook or Outlook Express email; type or select recipient and then click Send in your email program window. Repeat this process for each of the other balance due statements.

NOTES: Save will keep the pdf as a file; Print is used to create hard copy.

Full details about pdffactory download and setup: http://m1faqs.com/knowledgemanager/questions.php?questionid=100

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