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Restoring Mgmt Training Videos

Q. I want to go back and watch some of the Training Videos, but I get an error message about Data Movie Path?

A. If it's been a while, perhaps the videos are in a different location or no longer on the hard drive? it's common to install the training videos during DEMO install and later ask for them from LIVE program and get this error message. It's easy to fix; let's presume they are still on the hard drive in a different folder under demo .

NOTE: You only need to do this ONCE to establish the path for files to play.

1. Open Training Videos, How Do I? menu and select a file to play

2. When dialog box appears click Yes

3. Browse to the S2demo (for Mgr Plus or S1demo if Manager) folder and look for ScreenCam folder:

4. With ScreenCam folder highlighted, click on OK. Now you're in business!

NOTE: If the ScreenCams folder is not found on your PC, locate the red Manager install CD and select the menu option to install the videos to your hard drive. The rest is automatic; return to Training Videos, How Do I? and the videos will play as expected.

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